8 Best Board game travel bags: Finding the Best Board Game Bag

Finding the best Board game bag:

All board gamer are passionate about their games and I am sure you are as well and you probably wonder what is the best board game bag.You like to take great care of the board game boxes and all the board game components, cards, dice or little figurines included in them. I know, I certainly do. This is also true when you are traveling, going to your friends for game nights, or hitting the road to your favorite gaming convention or tournaments, or when going on vacations.

I am sure you have once asked yourself one of those following questions:

  • What is the best way to travel with board games? What is the best way to transport board games?

  • How do you carry board games from place to place?

  • How do you carry board games to game nights?

Well, there is a lot of different options out there to carry your board games. There are some successful Kickstarter projects for board game bags, like the Gamefolio or the Game Canopy. Although those bags are great, I am not going to include them in my list as their price can be prohibitive. Not everyone has more than 100 dollars to spend on a bag.

Few things you will need to consider before you buy anything though.

  • What type of transport are you using while carrying your board games?

The choice of a carrying solution for your board games will depend on the type of transport you are going to use. Your needs are going to be different whether if you are planning to walk, or if you are going to travel by train, car or plane.

For instance, if you traveling by car, you could simply use one of those collapsible container CleverCrates and load your board games in the boot of your car. They are sturdy and very practical, they don’t take much space once you fold them flat. Really good.

But if you are traveling by train for instance, you will need to carry the board games and use a board game bag with straps sturdy enough to carry all your favorite board games.

  • Protect your board games:

Does the board game bag need to be waterproof?

You want to protect your favorite board games or table top from the rain, so I am not going to speak about the typical IKEA style bag. They don’t offer any protection from the top. You might consider this version of the Ikia bag with zip enclosure which offers some sort of cover from the rain.It has  hand straps and shoulder straps. It can takes up to 55 pounds (24 kg). The downside of those kind of bags is that they are not water resistant, don’t have any padding, so the board game boxes can easily be damaged. Also, it can be uncomfortable if you carry this kind of bag on your back, because of the lack of padding.

  • What size the board game carrying bag needs to be?

You want to buy a board game bag that is big enough to fit the typical boxes sizes.You want to check how many board games fits in the bag But you don’t want something too big that you won’t be able to carry because of the weight. Check also that the bag straps are sturdy enough to carry such weight.Nothing worse than board game boxes crashing on the floor.

Now let me show you what I consider the best solutions to carry your board games. Please leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know what is your way of carrying your board games around!

Game Haul Board Game Carrying Bag (2nd Edition)

The Game Haul (2n Edition) came out in May 2017. It is a great board game carrying bag. The Game Haul has now  an upgraded 15 mm padding to protect your cherished board games. The stitching and the zipper unit  were reinforced compare to the original cajon drum bag. The shoulder straps are also nicely padded, making it comfortable and easy to carry the bag when full of board games. They can carry up to 25lbs  (11.3 kg) maximum.

The bag  can take up to six games  like “Ticket to Ride” or “RISK” (12x12x3 ). For board games with bigger boxes, like Scythe (20.5 x 13 x 13″), you can stack them  vertically in the bag..

The price of the Game Haul carrying bag is very reasonable, you really can’t go wrong. This makes the Game Haul the ultimate board games carrying solution for me.

Product Top Features:

  • Protect your board games with this strong and durable carrying bag.
  • Polyester/nylon blend bag features reinforced stitching and thick 15mm padding.
  • Adjustable reinforced ergonomic shoulder straps and carry handle make for easy transport.
  • Holds up to six 12x12x3 “ticket to ride” box-sized board games and room for some accessories!
  • Keeps your board games horizontal while front flap opens up for easy display.
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ChromaCast CC-CBAG-S Padded Cajon board game carrying Bag

The ChromaCast bag was created to carry Cajon Drums , an percussion instrument originally from Peru. The Cajon drums are mostly made from wood. So for a musician, when carrying his instrument, it is important to protect it, the same way it is important for a board gamer to protect his games.

A Cajon drum size is approximately 20″ X 12.5″ X 12.5″, so the bag has the perfect size for up to 6 standard size board games stacked on top of each other. Again, for the longer board game boxes like Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers Shadows Over Innistrad Game, you can still insert them sideways in the bag.

The Chromacast bag has a 10 mm padding, which is a good enough protection for your board games. It has a top handle made of rubber, and also shoulder straps to carry the games on your back.

It looks almost the same as the Game Haul bag. You open the bag by opening the front zipper. You load your board games  by staking them on top of each others.The ChromaCast bag is design to stand up.Therefore, it is easy to display the games  you have loaded in the board game bag. It is also easy to take out the board game you want to play with.

Product Top Features:

  • Protect your board games with this strong and durable carrying bag.
  •   High strength nylon with reinforced stitching and thick 10 mm padding.
  • Adjustable reinforced ergonomic shoulder straps and carry handle make for easy transport.
  • Holds up to six 12x12x3 “Small World” box-sized board games and room for some accessories!
  • Keeps your board games horizontal while front flap opens up for easy display.
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ENHANCE Board Game Bag

This board game bag from Enhance is certainly going to become one of the best board game bag on the market. The Enhance  board game bag is designed to be able to hold a huge amount of your beloved board games and makes it easy to store and to  travel with them.

The interior of board game bag is 12.5 x 12.5 x 21 and features an elastic  adjustable strap that holds board games of all sizes in place securely. This spacious interior fits board games of all sizes, including huge games such as Gloomhaven and Twilight Imperium.

The reinforced sides of the tower backpack are made with a thick layer of padded foam lined with a polymer sheet that creates a semi-rigid shell for protecting your board games during travel.Those semi-rigid walls of the board game bag also prevent the games from moving and help to organise boxed games and accessories.

This board game bag is also very comfortable. Thick plush shoulder straps, moisture wicking backing, and a cross chest strap combine for a comfortable load that evenly distributes the weight allowing easy travel even when fully loaded. The Tower board game bag also features a heavy duty carrying handle for quick transport to and from your car.

Product Top Features:

  • BOARD GAME TOWER BACKPACK: Store an overwhelming number of board games, card games, RPG accessories and everything else you’ll need to make your next game night a hit! (12.5 x 12.5 x 21 inch interior)
  • REINFORCED PADDED DESIGN: Thick padded foam reinforced with hard polymer sheets provide a semi-rigid structure to store up to 60lbs of games and accessories when using the included chest strap
  • EASY ACCESS GAME POCKETS: Store card decks and other pocket sized games in the exterior zippered pockets and use the larger pocket for game accessories including buzzers, pencils, notepads, and more
  • SIDE POCKETS AND STRAPS: Hold rollable battle maps using the netted pockets and adjustable straps or use them to hold water bottles and other accessories for your next game night
  • INTERIOR SUPPORT STRAP: Hold your games in place with the elastic strap designed to prevent your board and card games from shifting around during travel (Includes 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty)
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Rothco Canvas Parachute Cargo board game Bag

The Rothco Parachute Bag is huge and fits the bill perfectly as board game travel bag. It comes with different colors, Black, O.D, Navy Blue, Coyote, ACU, and Brown.

The bag size is 24″ X 15″ X 13″ and you could easily fit 12 to 15  standard size board games in it without having to put them vertically in the bag.

The bag doesn’t come with a shoulder strap. Which is fine if you carry the bag on a short trip. But for longer distances, I would recommend to add a shoulder strap , as it make it easier to carry the bag when fully loaded with board games.The two loops on each side of the RothcoBag  will allow you to do so.

The bag isn’t entirely waterproof but it offers a  good amount of “resistance” to the rain thanks to the thickness of the material. Overall your games will be protected from the elements.

Some people have reported a peculiar smell of the bag. Washing the bag one or two times  should get rid of that smell. Make sure you wash the Rothco Parachute Bag on its own though because of the dye. It might stain your clothes otherwise.

Product Top Features:

  • Cotton Canvas
  • Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability
  • Reinforced Web Handles
  • Snap Flap Covered Full Length Zipper
  • Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind
  • Comfort and Performance come hand in hand with Rothco
  • Great price
$31.99 $41.99
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Meinl Percussion MSTCJB Standard or Professional Cajon Board game bag

The Meinl Bag is another bag that was originally created to carry Cajon drums. It can also be uses as a board game travel bag. It is a bit different that than the Game Haul and the ChromaCast  bag though. The Meinl Bag   open up a bit like a suit case.

The size of the  Meinl Bag is 12 x 12 x 21 in.  You load the board games sideways in the bag and then carry the bag with the top carrying grip. The bag is niceley padded and is perfect to transport you board games safely.

Of course if you prefer carrying your bag on your bag using shoulder straps, you can use this model of the Meinl bag with shoulder straps. Its shape is like the ChromaCast and the Game Haul bags.

Or you can go for the Meinl Percussion MCJB Professional Cajon Bag with Internal Padding it comes with padded adjustable shoulder strap, external pockets and the exterior is outfitted with a layer of padded rubber on the bottom side of the bag. It is a bit more expensive but the board game bag is still under 50$. So you might want to consider it.


Product Top Features:

  • The Meinl Standard Cajon Bag with padding measures 20.5″ long x 13″ wide x 13″ deep (inside). These dimensions comfortably fit up to 6 standard size board games like “Catan
  • EXCEPTIONAL PROTECTION FOR YOUR BOARD GAMES: Made to last with durable heavy duty nylon stitching, the standard cajon bag is an excellent choice for protecting your games. A thick carrying grip with reinforced cross stitching and a robust two-way zipper with extra lining ensure ease of handling. Internal padding adds a layer of cushioning for your board games.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL OR STORAGE: Keep your board games safe during travel and protect it from dust or dirt build up when you store them in the bag.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR MEINL WARRANTY: All Meinl bags carry a two-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from authorized retailers (excludes zippers).
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USA GEAR Board Game Carrying bag

The USA GEAR Board Game Carrying Case is definitely build to last. It is slightly more expensive than the other board game travel bags that I mention before. Heavy duty hardware is used for the zipper and the straps clasps. There is also a water resistant lining at the bottom of the bag.

The outside of the bag is made with heavy duty nylon.There is  zipper pocket as well as a Velcro pocket at the front. You could easily put some some board games accessories in them.

The inside of the bag is made of scratch-resistant padded materials, perfect for protecting the board games while traveling. One side of the bag has adjustable compartment dividers. It is separated from the other side of the bag by a secure compartment wall.The other side of the bag is a larger area with a Velcro strap to carry your board games safely.

The size of main  Compartment: 15” x 12” x 3” – Accessory Compartment: 15” x 12” x 3”. So you won’t be able to carry as many board games as you would with the previous bags. But you will be able to fit some smaller board games in the accessory compartment, plus a bigger board game on the other side.

You can carry the bag with a padded  adjustable shoulder strap or the handles on the top.

The bag is  backed by ta 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

So overall, I think the USA GEAR Board Game Carrying Case is a very good bag. The low point the number of board games that this bag allow you to carry compared to the other bags.

Those are the details from the manufacturer:

Durable Design – Built to last , the USA GEAR S13 Bag was designed to protect your favorite board game while withstanding the abuse bringing it with you on family vacations. Complete with heavy-duty metal hardware , a reinforced weather-proof base , padded scratch-resistant interior and durable nylon material , this carrying case is perfect for travel or on-the-go use!

Customizable OrganizationThe S13 provides two individual storage compartments that are separated by a secure compartment wall. On one side , there is a large space that comes with an adjustable divider and a Velcro security strap to ensure that your game is safely stored. The other section of the case includes several compartment dividers that allow for customizable storage for multiple game accessories including dice , cards , or even the hotels from Monopoly! With plenty of internal space and 2 exterior pockets , this bag helps to keep you organized while fitting your board games and accessories in an organized fashion!

Comfortable Portability – This highly portable bag makes carrying your gear easy. Throw the case over your shoulder with the adjustable padded shoulder strap. If you’d rather carry the bag by hand , simply lift it with soft-grip carrying handle.

Product Top Features:

  • Durable nylon fabric, reinforced base and scratch-resistant padded interior provide safety and security for your favorite board games
  • 2 external accessory pockets are perfect for carrying dice, cards and other small board game accessories
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap offers a comfortable, easy carrying option
  • Two main accessory compartments with adjustable dividers are separated by a secure wall to allow for maximized storage and organization
  • High Quality – Backed by a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!
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 Game night board game bag

The Game night bag is a very affordable tote bag, perfect when used to carry board games for your game nights.The Game night bag is slightly larger than your usual shopping bag, making it ideal to fit plenty of board games.

The size of the Game night bag is 15″ Tall 13″ Wide 10″ Depth . So keep in mind that Board games like RISK  which are 12 x 12 inch won’t fit horizontally. They will have to be stacked vertically instead.

Overall, the Game night bag is cheap, has some funky design on it, and is sturdy enough to carry up to 40 lbs!

Product Top Features:

  • Holds 4-5 big-box board games and then some
  • Reinforced design supports up to 40lbs
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Water resistant
  • Affordable
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CleverMade CleverCrates 62 Liter Collapsible Storage Bin/Container

I hesitated to speak about the CleverMade CleverCrates system, seems this this article is about board game travel bag.But I thought I will throw it in there anyway as it is a quite cleaver and handy system. And not only to carry board games.

It is essentially a crate that folds down to 2 or 3 inches when you are not using it. You can put in the boot of your car and use it for your grocery shopping also.

The dimension of the crate are 22L X 14W X 12H , so you could fit 5 or six standard size board games in it.

CleverCrate loaded with board games

Obviously you will need to carry it with your two hands, which won’t make it practical for long distance.

The CleverCrate won’t offer any protection from the rain as it has no cover. So keep that in mind also.

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I hope I have managed to help you figuring out what type of board game carrying bag you want to buy for yourself. As you can see, you can find board game bags for every type of budget and taste.

The choice for the best board game bag will depends of many factors: Does it need to be waterproof, are you carrying those games on your back, do you manly travel by car? do you want the games to be well protected inside the bag? What size are the board games you want to pack in the board game bag?

I think that whatever needs you have , you should be able to find the best board game carrying bag for you.


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