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3 Real Time Board Games to play on a sunny winter Sunday

Best Real Time Board Games Introduction

Winter is here and with it come Sundays afternoon, with friends or family. It may be the chance to drop a game on the table. Why not introduce something lively today?

In this article, I will present 3 of the best real time board games. Those games are usually quick to play – under 20 minutes – and fast paced. Driven by a timer or a soundtrack, you will see your heart racing as the game’s difficulty keep increasing with time.

Those three games will interest different audience and will keep yourself entertained way past the duration of their soundtrack. One thing they have in common is that you and your party will have to communicate and collaborate to win your games. And it will not always be simple. Do you have what it takes to go on a real time adventure?

3 Real Time Cooperative Board Games

Escape – The Curse of the Temple (1 to 5 players; 8+; 10 minutes)

As a youngster, I watched the movies of Indiana Jones with great passion, read all the books I could find. I dreamed of being such an adventurous archaeologist. Time went by and I understood the work of those scientist is much less adventurous than the movies made believe, and I grew to a totally different career.

And one day, Escape – The Curse of the Temple made it to my table. That day, I became Indiana Jones.

Trapped in a temple, your party from 1 to 5 players, aged 8 and plus, must activate gems in the temple chambers in the hope of lifting the curse and make it out of the temple, in time before it collapses on you.

You have 10 minutes. Not more. So get at it and get those gems.

How do you play?

Shuffle together the 19 game chambers – 13 basic and 6 specials.

Starting an adventure

Starting an adventure

Place the starting chamber in the middle of the table, your adventurers on top of it, and randomly draw 2 chambers to attach to the side of the starting one. Randomly take 4 chambers and shuffle in it the exit tile. Place those at the bottom of the drawing deck of chambers.

Every player receives a pack of dice. Prepare the first track of the CD and get ready to “ES…CAAAPE”.

Ten minutes… ten minutes during which you will roll your dice like crazy. Combinations will allow you to explore chambers, move onto chambers or activate gems. The more players, the more gems to activate.

  • Gems are key to the exit
  • Dice
  • Jewels

Don’t lose time, keep rolling. Beware as black masks will forbid you to using some dice. Golden mask? Can you free one of your blocked dice or one of your fellow explorers on your tile?

The soundtrack holds two countdown – indicating you must rush back to the starting chamber, else, you will lose one of your dice until the end of the game.

Time is flying.

And there you see the exit: you can rush to it, but to exit, you will need to throw keys on your dice, and the more gems remain to be activated, the tougher this will be. Will you make it out in time?

Escape – The Curse of the Temple:This is bad

Bad luck? Game over or just getting harder…

For the external observer, this game is really confusing: people keep throwing dice, shout instructions, curse? , … but when you play, you forget everything, except for this feeling of time passing. Way too quickly. And after ten minutes, you will be ready to start another round.

Do you play Escape – The Curse of the Temple? You can download our application for Android here. You will be able to start the basic soundtrack from your phone or tablet and can use your own soundtracks if you wish.

Players Playing time Recommended for
1-5 10 min 8+

Last update was on: September 18, 2021 3:46 am

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Zombie 15′ (2 to 4 players; 14+; 15 minutes)

 15 minutes is all the time you have to accomplish your mission. 15 minutes, not one more. And it is going to be tough for the 2 to 4 players who take part in this adventure. Because an apocalyptic event broke out. No-one can really say what or why, and it’s not important: all that matters is that now, every adult became an undead with a taste for flesh. And only the younger ones seem immune to the disease.

So take the campaign booklet and set up the tiles to look as described by the first of the 15 scenarios. As you progress, those scenarios will become tougher and tougher: will you beat the campaign?

Zombie 15′:Character sheets

Zombie 15′ Character sheets

Once set up, your characters will start their journey in their home, and will go scavenge for better chances for survival. Beware: noise is your enemy. Shotgunning who was once your neighbor may sound as a good idea, but it will no doubt invite the whole neighborhood to your garden party: you surely don’t want that.

Interact with your friends, as it is your only chance for better odds.

Zombie 15′: City tiles

Zombie 15′: City tiles

As you progress in Zombie 15, you will be presented with new rules, increasing the difficulty but also the interest of the game. The soundtrack will also trigger unhealthy events: do you hear that zombie growl? It means you should put zombies on the active players’ tile – number varies depending on the scenario. Take your actions, do your job and scream “your turn!” so that the next player start his round.

Be quick, but do not take the wrong decisions in haste: your whole party would suffer the consequences.

  • Taking on zombies
  • Taking on zombies

Zombie 15′ is addressed to a public a bit older – 14 years old and over – due to the nature of the subject, and will bring hours of occupation to your household: in this game, every day item becomes essential in fighting your way out of the infestation.

The box is packed with items: more than 100 cards, more than 100 miniatures, more than 40 tokens, double sided terrain tiles, scenario book, CD soundtrack; when you open it you will feel submerged by the components… And that’s only the beginning because… you have 15′ to survive.

Players Playing time Recommended for
2-4 15 min 14+

Last update was on: September 18, 2021 3:46 am

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Magic Maze (1 to 8 players; 8+; 15 minutes)

Sometimes, adventures don’t go the way we want. We have all been there, haven’t we? This dungeon seemed to be packed with powerful items, so we went. But the Overlord was well prepared and his crew stronger than we anticipated. Ah well, they were nice, mind you: only stripped us from all the good loot we had. Running boots, screaming arrows and other enchanted accordion, they took it all…

Happens to the best of us. And it happened to our heroes: now 1 to 8 players, aged 8 and more, will assist our party of 4 to rob the local Magic Maze shop.

15 minutes is more than they need to do so.

To play this Magic Maze, you will need to get the tiles required for the scenario to build the Maze deck. The starting tile in the middle of the table, with the four heroes on the 4 central squares. Players will receive action tiles – depending on the number of players, and you are essentially ready to play.

Magic Maze: A magic mess

A magic mess

Let’s get to the interesting part:

  • You will play all the characters, but can only accomplish the action you have been granted,
  • You cannot talk, you may use a token and knock it in front of someone who could take an action. No talking. No signing. Should anyone tell you what happens to noisy thieves in the dark?
  • Time is running out – you want to discover the 4 items and make it to the exit before times is up. Some magical events may add more time but it is not an unending resource. Be quick.
Magic Maze: Making our way

Making our way

With this, you have the recipe for an excellent family game night. Rules are simple, and everyone has to contribute: you may get any character move to the right, the next player may move up, you move right, another down. And by the time you do your move, some may be waiting for you to act on another character.

Reveal the tiles, take actions, move, steal and run. And be quick as the alarm will ring eventually: you don’t want to be left in the store when the owners realize they are being robbed. It would not look good on your adventurer’s resume!

Magic Maze: Actions

Magic Maze: Actions

Players Playing time Recommended for
1-8 15 min 8+

Last update was on: September 18, 2021 3:46 am

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